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Woman arrested for sending mail bombs made of cigarette pack and salad dressing cap to Obama, Gov. Abbott

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A Texas woman has been arrested on charges of mailing explosives to former President Obama and Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

The woman, Julia Poff, 46, made the explosives out of a salad dressing cap and a cigarette pack, Reuters reported.

Poff was ordered to be held in jail last week ahead of her trial on charges of mailing packages designed to kill, transporting explosives and other criminal counts. She also mailed a package to a federal building in Maryland, according to Reuters.

“Poff presents a real safety risk to witnesses and others in the community,” the federal judge, Frances Stacy, wrote in the order.

Image: Mugshot

Poff contacted the Houston Chronicle in October to defend herself in a story it published on Thursday.

She claimed that the trash that “had our fingerprints on it” was collected from her home and was “used in some serious crimes that we did not commit and know nothing about.”

Poff has a criminal history that includes misdemeanor theft convictions, she’s also been evicted multiple times from various residences, according to the Chronicle. In one instance, she reportedly stuffed potatoes in the toilet and poured cement into the drains before leaving the residence.

“Poff had stated she did not like the President,” court documents read.

The packages sent to the U.S. Social Security Administration in Maryland and former President Obama were stopped in screening but Gov. Abbott opened his package which did not detonate.

“Had the device exploded, it could have caused severe burns and death,” court documents read.

Poff was identified as the culprit when cat hair from the package sent to President Obama matched the hair of one of Poff’s cats.

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