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Teen Vogue writer’s ‘unpopular opinion’: No problem if men are ruined by fake sexual harassment claims

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If you are a man this is what you have been afraid of.

Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin gave her hot take on the ongoing sexual assault and harassment allegations that have rocked Hollywood and Washington D.C.

And she wants everyone to know that having innocent men destroyed by fake allegations of sexual misconduct “is a price (she is) absolutely willing to pay,” probably because she won’t be the person paying it.

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She explained her position in a tweetstorm on Tuesday.

After taking a barrage of criticism, Linden protected her tweets so they cannot be seen by the public.

She was promptly hammered and started backtracking.

OK, high school kids are off limits?

Got it. You are fine if grown, white men, are accused of sex crimes they did not commit.

That should make everyone happy.

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Carmine Sabia


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