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Harrison Ford rushes to the aid of a woman in a car accident in real life hero rescue

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Indiana Jones to the rescue.

Actor Harrison Ford, 75, was driving along California State Route 126 on Sunday when he came to the aid of a woman who drove her car off the road and landed in an embankment, TMZ reported.

Ford and some other drivers who were on the scene hurried to the aid of the woman who suffered minor injuries and was transported to the hospital, according to witnesses who spoke to TMZ about the incident.

A bystander snapped photos of the star as he chatted with first responders at the scene.

It’s not the first time that Ford did the job of a police officer when on the spot.

Image: AP / Victor Malafronte

In September the Golden Globe winner got out of his Mercedes-Benz and directed traffic in New York City after an accident caused a jam near the Midtown Tunnel.

It’s also not the first time that Ford has been at the scene of an accident.

The “Star Wars” star, who is also an avid pilot, crashed a vintage World War II plane he was flying into a golf course in 2015.

Ford escaped the wreck with only minor cuts and bruises.

According to the Daily Mail, Ford was driving from a small airport in Santa Clara when he came upon the scene of Sunday’s accident.

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