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Sad day for America: Socialist wins major office in Virginia

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The Democrat Party has fallen so far that it has elected a socialist to office in the state of Virginia.

Lee Carter, a Democrat Socialist who described himself on his website as “a community organizer and activist,” defeated incumbent Republican majority WHIP Jackson Miller on Tuesday.

It capped a big day for Democrats in the Democrat state of Virginia where they kept control of the governorship, and elected a transgender candidate to join Carter in the House.

Carter’s website highlights his fight for Socialist causes.

The top issue on his website is to expand access to the Medicaid entitlement program.

“Lee will be a leading voice for Medicaid Expansion in Virginia,” he wrote. “Partisan opposition to this important step is hurting 300,000 Virginians who make too much to qualify for Virginia’s limited Medicaid program, but also don’t qualify for Federal Government subsidies that are provided by the Affordable Care Act.”

Carter has also vowed to “fight to raise the minimum wage, create more protections for workers, and support unions’ and calls himself “an unapologetic supporter of a woman’s right to choose.”

The victory by Carter, an IT specialist and Marine veteran, came in an area of the state that Democrats had written off as unwinnable.

But if people noticed that Hillary Clinton won the district by near 13 points over President Donald Trump a year ago they might have seen it coming.

Carter didn’t get a lot of support from the Democrat Party, who seems to be fighting against its base moving toward socialism, but he did get a tweet of congratulations from the Democratic Socialists of America.


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