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After Phil Murphy takes over as NJ Gov, one of the first things he’ll do will drive the right mad

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If Republicans in New Jersey needed another reason to be angry about Tuesday’s election of Governor-elect Phil Murphy, they have one.

Not only has Murphy vowed to raise taxes on the state’s residents and make New Jersey a sanctuary for illegal aliens, but he has also promised to sign legislation to make marijuana legal, NJ.com reported.

Murphy said during the campaign that he was in favor of making marijuana legal for recreational use for people age 21 and older, according to NJ.com.

And now legislators in the state who favor legalized marijuana are excited by the idea that Murphy will sign the legislation they have worked on.

“It’s full-steam ahead,” Democrat Sen. Nicholas Scutari, the sponsor of the bill is the state assembly, told NJ.com before Murphy won the governorship.

“The election of Phil Murphy gets us a giant step closer. Without him, I don’t know where we would be. He has a 100 percent commitment to it,” he said.

Scutari told NJ.com that “it would be a waste” to hold anymore hearings on the proposed law until Murphy is in office as current Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is helping to lead the charge against.

He added that the law will not allow people to grow their own marijuana, as many had wanted, because it “should provide opportunity for business — an economic opportunity.”

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