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Woman invents ‘coffee’ for dogs but nobody can get over the disturbing name she gives it

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A Lithuanian woman invented a “coffee” beverage for dogs, but her choice of name for it has social media shaking its head.

The inventor, Agota Jakutyte, named her brand “Roofee,” which sounds like the street name, “roofie,” given to date rape drug rohypnol.

Jakutyte said she had no idea of the date rape drug or its name.

“Maybe because I do not watch TV, or read our local papers, I haven’t heard about roofie before,” Jakutyte told Vice. “I simply combined ROOTS + COFFEE… That’s how the name ROOFFEE was born.”

Social media found the name disturbing.

Jakutyte explained that there is no actual coffee in her product, only vegetables and herbs, as coffee can be deadly to dogs.

And, more importantly from a branding standpoint, she told BuzzFeed that she does intend on changing the product name.

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