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Bill O’Reilly fires back at Megyn Kelly; shares hand-written notes from her and Gretchen Carlson

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Bill O’Reilly has fired back at his former colleague Megyn Kelly after she unleashed a torrent of thunder on him and Fox News.

The former Fox News “O’Reilly Factor” anchor tweeted a link to his website where he posted two handwritten letters to him from Kelly, and one from Gretchen Carlson, which you can see on BillOReilly.com.

“What a class act you are, coming to my baby shower. I was truly touched – I know how busy you are, especially that time of day. It meant a lot to me + Doug. And thank you for the darling bodysuits + snuggly – it’s hard to believe will soon have a little human being in our lives tiny enough to fit in them.

“You’ve become a dear friend (no matter what you say) + I am grateful to have you in my life,” Kelly wrote in one letter with her name emblazoned at the top.

In another she thanked O’Reilly for promoting her husband, Douglas Brunt’s, book.

“I realize you didn’t have to do that, especially after mentioning it already,” she wrote. “I appreciate how supportive you have been of me over the years here (at Fox News Channel.)

O’Reilly’s response came hours after Kelly called him a liar on national television.

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And it came the day after he issued a scathing response to a New York Times story that said Fox News paid a $32 million sexual harassment claim against him, on his website.

Once again, The New York Times has maliciously smeared Bill O’Reilly, this time even failing to print a sworn affidavit from his former lawyer, Lis Wiehl, repudiating all allegations against Bill O’Reilly. The Times ignored that evidence, sworn under oath, and chose to rely on unsubstantiated allegations, anonymous sources and incomplete leaked or stolen documents.

Here are the facts: after the Chairman of Fox News Roger Ailes was fired in July 2016, dozens of women accused scores of male employees of Fox News of harassment – including the current co-president of Fox News Jack Abernathy.

21st Century Fox settled almost all these cases, paying out close to $100 million dollars. Six months after Mr. Ailes left the company, Fox News Corporation signed Bill O’Reilly to a record breaking new contract after the company had analyzed and considered all allegations against him.

In its first article about Mr. O’Reilly on April 1st, The New York Times printed inaccurate settlement figures while fully understanding that O’Reilly and his counsel are legally bound by confidentiality and cannot set the record straight.

In its latest diatribe against Bill O’Reilly, the Times printed leaked information provided by anonymous sources that is out of context, false, defamatory, and obviously designed to embarrass Bill O’Reilly and to keep him from competing in the marketplace.

Finally, in the more than 20 years Bill O’Reilly worked at Fox News, not one complaint was filed against him with the Human Resources Department or Legal Department by a coworker, even on the anonymous hotline. The New York Times has copies of two letters written by 21st Century Fox lawyers attesting to that fact.

The Times failed to print them, too.

In fairness, the notes are mostly polite niceties, but there are some personal feelings mixed in if you are looking for proof of friendship.

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