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World champ US soccer star -white as snow- pulls out race card when cops boot her from Disney World for bad behavior

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A two-time Olympian, gold medalist, and World Champion soccer star pulled the race card as she was booted from Disney World for her alleged drunken bad behavior – and she’s as white as fresh-fallen snow.

On Wednesday, celebrity news website TMZ released a video of Alex Morgan getting irate with police, who accused her of getting mouthy, after spending eight hours drinking, the Daily Mail reported.

“Mouthy? I didn’t say anything cursing,” she said. “I didn’t say anything.” Dude, you guys are lying right now. I can’t imagine what black people go through.”

The first thing that comes to her mind is to call the cops racist? What does race have to do with anything?

The Team USA star was at Disney with two Major League Soccer players and one of their wives when the group allegedly had an altercation with another patron at a bar.

Getty / Joe Petro

Morgan was accompanied by fellow soccer stars Donny Toia and Giles Barnes and Toria’s wife Courtney Toia, who was equally belligerent.

“I’m telling you, you were not there and I was there and I’m sober and I was watching this event unfold and it is ridiculous that he [Donny] is the one sitting here and not the guy that was causing all of this,” she said.

The group had to give their ID and sign paperwork that banned them from the park and all Disney properties.

Morgan was confident that the punishment would be taken back.

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“That’s fine. It’ll be rescinded tomorrow,” she said.

As the group was leaving the building, one of the women said “I’m so glad I’m white. Can you imagine if we weren’t?”

“No, I can’t imagine,” the other said.

A presumably sober Morgan tweeted an apology to her Twitter followers three days after the incident.

“I want to apologize for my actions that occurred over the weekend. I will learn from this make sure it does not happen again. #liveandlearn,” she said.

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