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Hillary gave a speech this weekend you just won’t believe unless you hear for yourself

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Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton has found a new career path and it is hilarious.

The former Secretary of State, whose presidential bid against President Donald Trump was torpedoed, in part, by her email server scandal, had the nerve to visit Stanford University on Friday and give a speech about cyber security.

This is the same woman who feigned ignorance by asking “with a cloth?” when asked if she wiped her private email server before the FBI got a hold of it.

Americans later found out that she knew exactly what that meant, as her computer had been cleaned with BleachBit and various mobile devices used in connection with the server were destroyed with a hammer.

But there she stood, preaching about cyber security as if she was the world’s foremost authority.

“Right now we don’t have an effective deterrent to prevent cyber warfare the way we do conventional nuclear conflicts,” the not president told the crowd, according to Stanford News. “I believe that it is time for the United States to declare a new doctrine, stating that a cyber attack on our vital infrastructure will be treated as an act of war.”

She is part of the party that calls Republicans war mongers correct? Now she loses an election, blames Russian hacking, and wants to start declaring war.

“As we all know, the 2016 campaign revealed a darker side of the intersection between technology and democracy,” she said.

Here we go.

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“There were many factors that influenced the outcome of the election,” she said, singing the tune that will apparently never end, and added that we ought to remember “the information warfare waged against us from the highest levels of the Kremlin.”

“We’ve gotten used to people not being held accountable for any kind of truth,” she said.

Yes, Mrs. Clinton. Exhibit A is the fact that you aren’t in jail.

Social media found the entire thing ridiculous.

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