Pretend-Republican Ana Navarro shamelessly recruits hurricane victims to swing states in the middle of tragedy

You have heard it said to President Donald Trump all week. Don’t politicize the tragedy in Puerto Rico.

But no one has politicized it like CNN’s pretend Republican Ana Navarro who wants to use the tragedy to effect the results of national elections.

“Ppl of (Puerto Rico), if you flee devastation & come to mainland, hope you settle in a swing state- FL, PA, OH… Register to vote & don’t forget this!” she tweeted to people who have had their homes destroyed and their lives changed forever.

Social media destroyed her over her insensitivity.

Ah yes. Navarro, who despises this president so much she cannot see straight, played the part of clown last week when she tweeted a fake, Photoshopped picture of NBA star LeBron James giving President Trump the middle finger.

Yahtzee. Navarro sees herself as the victim and wants ammunition against her arch nemesis.

Don’t challenger her John. She probably can.

It sounds better on CNN to have a “Republican” going against the president.

Incredibly, there were many opportunists who agreed with using the tragedy for political gain.

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Carmine Sabia


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