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A 45-foot naked women is coming to the National Mall – because patriarchy – and guess where she’ll be facing

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A statue of a 45-foot tall woman may be on its way to the National Mall because of feminism.

The amazon woman , named “R-Evolution” is slated to be positioned so that it stands next to the Washington Monument and faces the White House, provided its artist, Marco Cochrane, meets his goal of $90,000 to transport the behemoth, according to USA Today.

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“These sculptures are about expressing what it would be like if women were safe,” Cochrane, told USA Today. “To me this sculpture answers that question . . . She’s absolutely fearless and accepting and being able to do that is a really powerful thing.”

The plan is to have it on the mall for the Catharsis at the event that begins on November 11 and ends on the 13th. But, if the organizers are successful at getting volunteers to guard the statue, the statue can stay on the mall until March.

Cochrane said the statue, one of the three nude statues he has created, is to fight against a culture he believes dehumanizes and sexualizes women.

Thus he makes statues of giant naked women.

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He said he has been fighting for feminine safety ever since he was seven years old and found out his friend was sexually assaulted.

“This year’s theme is in response to a lot of the social disconnect and politics going on in our community right now,” Sanam Emami, a community organizer and activist said.

“We felt that R-Evolution represented that,” she added. “That’s why we’ve placed it in America’s front lawn.”

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The statue’s proposed four-month vigil is also being used to promote the Equal Rights Amendment, which was proposed in 1972 but has not been ratified, USA Today reported.

Cochrane explained his passion for “bringing feminine energy into the world,” in a video shot at the Burning Man Festival in 2015, where he debuted the art.

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