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Trucker fired after giving away a rig full of his company’s plywood to desperate town before Irma

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A Massachusetts truck driver was fired for helping victims of Hurricane Irma by giving them plywood he could not deliver to Home Depot.

Tim McCrory, 27, was on his way to deliver the supplies to a Home Depot near Tampa last Friday when his truck was hit with a flat tire, Fox 13 reported.

Because Irma was on its way, the store was closed and McCrory was told by his managers in Tennessee that he would have to wait until Tuesday to deliver the cargo.

McCrory had decided to wait out the storm in his truck, when he was approached by an off duty police officer who asked for plywood.

The police officer told McCrory that he was so busy helping others prepare for Irma that he had not secured his own home.

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Realizing the need for the plywood, McCrory decided to give plywood to the officer, and others.

He had handed out 900 pieces of plywood to help around 200 homes by 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, and his employer was not happy.

“Being an American citizen, that’s what we do,” McCrory said.

Paul Wieck, the CEO of Western Express, said he understood why his employee did what he did but he has a business to run.

“I understand his heart,” Wieck told WTSP-TV. “but the plywood belonged to our customer.”

A woman, Tracy Dillon Drew, who was helped by McCrory’s generosity, launched a GoFundMe to help him.

“Even though we were all strangers, I cannot explain the sense of community I felt with those of us who were there lucky enough to not just receive plywood, but also receive a much more important gift – compassion from a man who will risk getting caught in the storm driving back to his home to bring us wood, who also risked his job to make sure regardless of Home Depot’s refusal to accept his order that Zephyrhills would have some plywood,” she wrote on the fundraising page.

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