Dinesh D’Souza roasts mangy lot of Antifa thugs after their mug shots are put on blast

Dinesh D’Souza brutally roasted the fascist anti-First Amendment forces of Antifa, who were out in force on Sunday to protest against a free speech rally in Portland.

Seven people were arrested, and two police officers were injured in the melee that occurred when the two opposing forces clashed, KATU reported.

The group Patriot Prayer marched along the city’s waterfront, with some holding banners in support of President Donald Trump.

They were met by counter protesters under the banner Portland Stands United Against Hate, who held signs with such sayings as “Shut Down White Supremacy.”

Portland police, yes the same Portland police who wiped out its gang records because there were not enough white gangs, tweeted during the protests, and placed the blame squarely on Antifa.

Not surprisingly, only members of the brutal Antifa group were arrested.

And while many on social media, including Donald Trump Jr, weighed in on the attacks…

… The tweet of the day belonged to Dinesh D’Souza.


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Carmine Sabia


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