CNN segment ends awkwardly when Don Lemon comments on ‘chunky’ reporter’s curves

As every news network in America covered the destruction of Hurricane Irma, CNN’s Don Lemon took the opportunity to virtue signal off a reporter’s comment.

Sara Sidner reported live from Daytona Beach where she described the tremendous force of the winds she was facing. To give viewers a clear picture, she offered some personal perspective.

“We’re seeing the tops of trash cans flying around and this wind — I am not a small woman as you know Don, I am a chunky girl and it is blowing me around — when the gusts come really, really hard,” she said. “So this is nothing to play around with. Everyone has been told that over and over again.”

Like a good liberal, Lemon seized the opportunity to show off how thoughtful and politically correct he is. Casually laughing he “mansplained” that her appearance was just fine.

“Thank you Sarah Sidner, you’re a beautiful woman no matter what size you are,” he said. “And there is nothing wrong with having a little curve.”


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