See why the guy doing sign language at Gov Scott’s serious hurricane presser is the next internet star

An overly animated sign language interpreter provided an unwitting moment of levity during an incredibly serious time.

As Florida Gov. Rick Scott was telling his state’s residents how to prepare for the monster Hurricane Irma, his sign language interpreter had all eyes on social media on him.

With his dramatic facial expressions, hand movements and sticking out his tongue, he had social media talking. Including some celebrities and media personalities.

It is hardly the first time a sign language interpreter has made news during an important event.

In 2015, as winter storm Juno was set to hit New York City with feet of snow, the sign language interpreter for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had a similarly animated performance that made him a star.

In 2013, there was nothing humorous about the fake sign language interpreter, who was actually a schizophrenic murderer with no known sign language skills, who spent hours within feet of former President Obama at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.

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Carmine Sabia


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