Kamala Harris doesn’t believe men deserve due process in rape cases according to ‘terrifying’ statement

Kamala Harris, who appears to be getting set to run for president, is not interested in giving due process to college men who are accused of sexual assault.

The California senator got on the social media bandwagon against Betsy DeVos’ decision to remove former President Obama’s guidelines for college campuses regarding sexual assault that assumes the man is guilty before an investigation.

Critics of the guidelines accuse it of creating an environment on campus where an accused male is presumed guilty before he can defend himself.

“The sad reality is that lady justice is not blind on campuses today. This unraveling of justice is shameful, it’s wholly un-American,” DeVos said on Thursday at Virginia’s George Mason University. “There must be a better way forward. Every survivor of sexual misconduct must be taken seriously. Every student accused of sexual misconduct must know that guilt is not predetermined.”

“One rape is one too many, one assault is one too many,” she said. “One person denied due process is one too many. This conversation may be uncomfortable, but we must have it. It is our moral obligation to get this right. Campus sexual misconduct must continue to be confronted head-on.”

This sent the #Resistance into a rage as they use the #StopBetsy hashtag to accuse the Secretary of Education of siding with rapist.

The prevalent thought being that no woman has ever falsely accused a man of sexual assault.

There are no two sides, according to Planned Parenthood. If you are accused you are guilty.

Perhaps they missed the many cases of men being falsely accused of rape.

But while many raged against DeVos, there is something more chilling about an elected senator believing that men are not entitled to due process.

And social media hammered her.

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Carmine Sabia


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