What’s worse for America, white supremacists or media? Poll results renew relief in Hillary’s defeat

Who is the bigger threat to America, white supremacists or the news media?

It’s a question a recent Fox News poll asked, and the results drove snowflakes over the edge.

The poll found that, of those surveyed, white supremacists were the bigger threat but, by a slim margin of 47 percent to 40 percent with 9 percent saying the threat was equal.

And the numbers had a distinct partisan split.

Democrats chose the white supremacists as the bigger threat by a margin of 76 to 12 with 8 percent saying they threat was the same, while Republicans picked the media 69 percent to 18, also with 8 percent calling the threat equal.

Those who identified as independents also labelled the white supremacists as a bigger threat, but by a razor-thin 43 – 39, with 11 percent saying the threat from both was the same.

White people found the media to be a bigger threat, but only by a score of 45 – 42. Non-whites pegged white supremacists as the bigger threat by a margin less than the Democrats did, at 62 percent to 24 percent.

Those who voted for President Donald Trump see the media as a bigger threat by a score of 75 – 13. Those who voted for Hillary Clinton said white supremacists were the bigger threat by an 80 – 10 margin.

Let that sink in … 80 -10!

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It would have been interesting to see what the numbers would have been if Antifa was put into the question.

In the meantime, the poll results had the left outraged on social media.

And they were quick to peg all of President Trump’s supporters as white supremacists.

Others stuck to calling Republicans dumb.

Others were able to grasp the fact that the question wasn’t who were worse people, but who was the bigger threat.

And while the case can be made for white supremacists as the bigger threat, perhaps Republicans see them as a horrid group, but devoid of any significant power or influence in 2017. Whereas the media controls the narrative of what people think.

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