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HBO Comedy ‘Insecure’ shockingly takes on black racists, invokes ‘All Lives Matter’

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The newest episode of HBO’s “Insecure” explored the often taboo topic of black racism against others.

The show, which is described on Wikipedia as a “half-hour series explores social and racial issues that relate to the contemporary black experience” tackled the issue in the episode that aired on Sunday.

In it, the main character, Issa, confronts a black coworker at her school for being a racist.

It was a switch from previous episodes in which Issa has excused the anti-Hispanic racism of principal Mr. Gaines, Newsbusters reported.

The change happened after Issa met a Hispanic student who was excluded from the “We Got Y’all” after school program.

The program is designed to help low-income children of color find success in school.

“We Got Y’all is inclusive of everyone, and I might have made it seem like that wasn’t important to me, but –, Issa said before being interrupted by Gaines.

“Is your program full? Are you helping the youth?” he responded.

Issa responded “yes” but was about to express her concerns, when Gaines made it known that his only concern was for black students, by mocking All Lives Matter.

“Then what’s the problem?” Gaines shot back. “Look, I thought me and you had an understanding. Now you’re coming at me on some All Lives Matter?”

When white character Frieda chimed in, explaining that they wanted “a more representative group of students” an agitated Gaines referred to all Latino students as “Mexicans.”

“If you want Mexicans, nobody’s stopping you,” Gaines said.

“You’re turning away Latino students. They deserve to have the same opportunities as everyone else. These are kids,” Gaines said.

“Girl, calm down. Ain’t nobody dead,” Gaines fired back.

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