CNN gets DESTROYED over its story on the ethics of President Trump’s USA hat

This is why President Donald Trump calls CNN fake news.

Last week CNN ran a story on its website with the headline “Ethics group: Trump is wrong to wear campaign hat on trip to Texas.”

The hat in question was not a “MAGA” hat or a “Trump” hat but a hat that said “USA.”

Image: White House Press Office / Andrea Hanks

As many have praised the president’s efforts after the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey on Texas, CNN had to find something to criticize the president about.

And since the media had attacked first lady Melania Trump’s shoes, the president’s hat must have seemed like the next logical step.

The far left group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics were angered by the hat because it is for sale on President Trump’s campaign website for $40.

“Even removed from the hurricane, it’s pretty inappropriate,” Jordan Libowitz, a CREW spokesman, said.

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“There is a difference between what is technically legal and what is ethically right,” Libowitz told CNN.

The news network noted that CREW is currently suing the president over his businesses, claiming that he is in violation of the Constitutional rule to not accept gifts from any foreign government.

The fact that “the most trusted name in news” ran this as a legitimate story underscores the reason why so many people don’t trust the media.

Image: White House Press Office / Andrea Hanks

And social media let them have it.

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