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Scott Baio asks if it’s time to destroy the William Jefferson Clinton presidential library

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Scott Baio shredded political correct madness that has statues falling all over America.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters asked the actor what he thought of University of Southern California students rallying to remove the school’s horse mascot “Traveler” because Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee had a horse named “Traveller,” spelled with two Ls.

And the “Happy Days” star was not shy in mocking the insanity.

“The country didn’t begin the day you were born. It didn’t begin the day I was born. There’s a 200 plus year history of this country, good and bad.” he said on “Watter’s World.”

“Do we get rid of the William Jefferson Clinton presidential library because President Clinton is married to Hillary Clinton, who once lavished praise on Robert Byrd who was a Grand Kleagle in the KKK?”

The late Sen. Byrd did disavow his association with the KKK in his later years, but in a 2001 interview om ABC News he used the N word twice.

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He was described by Hillary Clinton in her eulogy to him as her “friend and mentor.”

“”I’m for letting you live your life. Don’t push your views on me and I won’t push my views on you,” he said. “Don’t try to erase the wonder that that country is. And we’re not perfect. No country is perfect.”

The kicker of the entire controversy is, as Watters pointed out, the fact that the rider of the horse is Hispanic.

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