Florida senator proposes bill to wipe out state’s Confederate holidays

A Florida state senator has proposed a bill to eliminate three Confederate holidays in the state.

The bill was filed on Friday by Democrat Sen. Lauren Book, CBS4 reported.

“During a time when the country is completely divided, I think we look at celebrating our unique coming together instead of some of the things that kind of create hate and divisive environments,” she told CBS4.

The holidays in question, which are not paid days off but are official recognitions, are the birthdays of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee and Confederate Memorial Day.

These are literally nothing more than recognized dates on a calendar and not widespread celebrations like Labor Day.

But Book, a first term senator, is seizing the fervor of eliminating Confederate symbols nationwide to score political points.

“Why are we celebrating and putting some folks on a pedestal, that declared war on own country. That is what that’s about. That’s what that was,” she said.

She noted that Lee “did not want to be memorialized. He did not want people celebrating him or the civil war.”

Book argued that she isn’t attempting to erase history.

“I think it is a good reminder to have. I think one of the most important things ‘Less we forget. We cannot repeat.’ And we are not asking people to not remember these things but let’s not celebrate them. Let’s not put them on a pedestal, some of the darkest times in our history. When we were at war with ourselves. In a place where we were fighting for something that’s terrible,” she told CBS 4.

She said she isn’t certain if the bill will be passed, but is “hopeful.”

“I think we are in a different place and a different time in our state,” she said.

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Carmine Sabia


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