Montel Williams uses impending doom of Hurricane Harvey to take a cheap shot at Trump & his supporters

As Hurricane Harvey barrels towards Texas, and with forecasters predicting all but total devastation, Trump detractor Montel Williams politicized the impending disaster.

“Dear Trump supporters in Texas: Hurricane Harvey is not fake news, it’s real and it’s dangerous. Good time to ignore fake President Trump,” Williams tweeted.

The condescending tweet seems to paint Trump voters as dupes who only believe what the president tells them. Beyond that, it also doesn’t make sense for two reasons.

First of all, President Trump is taking the storm seriously and tweeted a warning about it to Texas residents.

“As #HurricaneHarvey intensifies – remember to #PlanAhead,” the president tweeted with links to agency websites that can help those affected.

Does Williams want people to ignore that warning?

The second reason the dig doesn’t make sense is that Williams doesn’t appear to know how elections work and believes that somehow the president is fake.

Social media was not happy with the former talk show host’s snarky and stupid comment.

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