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Washington Post leaves jaws on the floor with op-ed calling for an end to free speech

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A Skidmore College history professor has no idea what the point of the First Amendment is. Therefore, she wants it limited for her political opponents.

Professor Jennifer Delton wrote an oped for the Washington Post that decried the idea of free speech becoming a “political weapon” which was the entire point of the First Amendment.

Delton decried free speech was being used by, what she deemed to be, the alt-right to give speeches on college campuses and trigger the left into violence. As if leftists protester, like Abntifa, are freedom fighters not responsible for their own acts of destruction.

“Here’s the dilemma college presidents face in the fall: Either uphold free speech on campus and risk violent counterprotests, or ban conservative provocateurs and confirm the ‘freedom of speech’ crisis on campuses,” she wrote. “Either way their institution’s legitimacy is undermined.

“This impossible dilemma is no accident. It has been part of a strategy, deployed first by conservatives and perfected by the alt-right,” she said.

Delton’s idea are in line with the left’s current push to stifle any speech that doesn’t fall into its realm of political correctness.

From former DNC and presidential candidate Howard Dean declaring that “hate speech” is not free speech to Antifa assaulting people on college campuses gathered to hear a conservative speaker.

Social media did its best to explain the First Amendment to the professor.

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No way.

Can you imagine?

When they dictate the terms.

It is the Washington Post.

Spot on.

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