Accused of saying ‘slavery is OK on national TV’: Katrina Pierson gets ‘Trumped’ right in front of our eyes

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“Trumped”: The act of taking a persons words and changing the meaning to anything you want it to be, then swearing that your version is the truth.

Yes, we just made that up. But, the liberals have been emboldened to repeat this behavior with impunity so blatantly that it needed a label.

Such was the case on “Fox & Friends” when a Democrat strategist attempted to put words into the mouth of Katrina Pierson.

And Pierson was not having it.

Pierson, the spokeswoman for President Donald Trump’s campaign was speaking in favor of keeping Confederate statues right where they are and not relegating them to a museum as her fellow guest, Democrat strategist Wendy Osefo suggested.

Osefo apparently had no issue with the statues and where they were for the eight years of former President Obama’s term but suddenly they are a major issue for her, and millions of others.

And she argued against Pierson in the way Democrats traditionally do.

By conflating what Pierson was saying and making it something it wasn’t.

In the same way Democrats took President Trump decrying violence on “both sides” as a cheer for white supremacist Nazis.

It isn’t true. They know it isn’t true. But it is the only argument they have so the say it.

Pierson argued that “bad history is still good history for this country,” but before she could say another word Osefo interrupted.

“Slavery is good history?” Osefo said.

“Considering where we are today, where we are today. Absolutely,” Pierson argued.

“Slavery is good history? Absolutely. Oh, wow,” Osefo fired back, seemingly intentionally putting words in Pierson’s mouth.

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“Where would we be today if not for that Civil War? How would our children even know –,” Pierson asked before again being interrupted with a new take on her words.

“Where would we be without slavery? Are you serious? Do you hear what you’re saying?” Osefo asked.

“During those times, during those times — think about this for a second. Where would we be today if not for that Civil War? How would our children even know how special and wonderful this country is?” Pierson argued before Osefo interrupted again.

“How special slavery is?” Osefo again word twisted.

“This country was founded by slave owners who actually put into place to change the laws,” Pierson said.

But it isn’t what Osefo heard.

“The fact that you just came on national TV and said ‘slavery was OK,’ that is very very — that’s what you just said,” she claimed.

Anyone with hearing could tell you that Pierson never said that, as she argued herself.

“No one said slavery was OK,” Pierson correctly stated. “That’s what the left does. They want to cry racism.”

But this is how the left crafts the narrative.

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