Justin Trudeau does bizarre about-face on welcoming refugees, makes it sound like a ‘bowel movement’

This is about as tough as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is going to get.

Seven months after telling refugees blocked by President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban to come to Canada, the progressive prime minister has done an about-face.

He warned on Sunday, after a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in Montreal that refugees must come to Canada legally.

But he couldn’t bring himself to use the word illegal to describe the illegal border crossings.

“Canada is an opening and welcoming society,” he told the media. “But let me be clear. We are also a country of laws. Entering Canada irregularly is not an advantage. There are rigorous immigration and customs rules that will be followed. Make no mistake.”

That sounds a lot like a speech President Trump might make, if you take out the word “irregularly” and replace it with the accurate description “illegally.”

It was in January, the day after President Trump’s first travel ban was announced, that Trudeau tweeted “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.”

Suddenly, after Canadian government statistics showed that illegal crossings from the United States into Canada tripled in July, Canada isn’t as welcoming.

Perhaps it is because Canadians were not happy about his open borders ideas.

Or it might be because reality has set in when he looked at the numbers.

According to the statistics, reported by Reuters, 3,100 people made the journey in July, as opposed to 884 who did it in June.

Nearly all of them went to Quebec, Canada’s French-speaking province, where the refugees were mainly of Haitian origin.

Will all the celebrities who said that America should be more like Canada take back their words and say President Trump was correct?

That would be truly irregular.

Many on social media mocked Trudeau’s inability to say the word “illegally” and his hypocrisy.

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Carmine Sabia


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