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Ayaan Hirsi Ali blasts Democrat women for being cowards and then she warns all Americans

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A Muslim activist, and supporter of President Donald Trump, is angry at Democrat, female lawmakers who have turned a blind eye to radical Islamic practices in America.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke to Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” to explain her frustration.

“You cannot defeat the idea of ISIS if you won’t talk about the idea itself,” she told Bartiromo on Sunday. “And it’s unfortunate that this idea is embedded—it’s entrenched—in Islam.”

Ali gave testimony to the Senate Homeland Security Committee in June about the dangers of the Islamic State and radical Islamic ideas in America, such as female genital mutilation.

Both she and Bartiromo were surprised at the lack of concern from Democrat women on the panel who didn’t ask her a single question about the barbaric practice.

“They seem to be scared. They seem to be, in some way, to be horribly inhibited by this,” Ali said. “Because really if you prioritize the kind of suffering that a child feels, whose genitals are cut — and it’s now happening increasingly in the United States. We are told at least half a million women are in danger, are at risk, of being mutilated.”

She also spoke about the practice of American Muslim girls being kidnapped and forced into marriages they don’t want overseas.

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“These are practices that are happening right here,” she said. “They are beaten up. They are locked up. Why? Because they want to Americanize. They want to become like all other American girls. And their rights are being taken away by their families and their wider religious community. And unfortunately these senators didn’t seem in the least interested,” she speculated because of “political correctness.”

Ali said “there are very many areas” in America where extremist Muslims have gained a foothold and prevented their communities from assimilating to the American way of life.

But why care about that when you can virtue signal over just about anything else?

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