Watch: Pro-Trumper shouted down and surrounded by Antifa during rally

Antifa protesters proved they were not fans of free speech on Saturday.

The far-left protesters gathered to march against free speech in what proved to be a far more peaceful rally than what happened in Charlottesville last week.

But there were still instances of thuggery and intimidation coming from the anarchist group against conservatives.

In one case, a group of the mask-wearing provocateurs surrounded a President Donald Trump supporter and shouted obscenities as they railed against his right to speak.

“F**k you! F**k you, racist!” one man shouted at him.

“Go home!” yelled another. “F**k your parents.”

To their credit, some Antifa members shouted “no violence” as the man made his way through the crowd.

Univision’s Jessica Weiss‏ was taking video of the event asked the President Trump supporter why he came to the event.

“I want to show that people shouldn’t be afraid to voice their other views,” he said. “You shouldn’t be afraid to go outside and say you are a conservative. It’s pretty sad that things like this happen.”

In another example of violence, one Antifa member grabbed an older woman’s American flag and knocked her to the ground after dragging her.

Another video showed a pro-Trump protester being hit with bottles as he did nothing.

There were also instances of people hitting the police with bottles filled with urine, which the president spoke out about on Twitter.

Image: Getty / Salwan Georges

The president also tweeted his admiration for the fact that the protests were mainly non-violent.

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