Alyssa Milano attempts resistance pep-talk, accidentally admits Antifa is prone to violence

Actress and resistance queen Alyssa Milano stuck her neatly manicured foot in her mouth as she gave a pep talk Antifa on Saturday.

The Twitter words of encouragement came as the militant alt-left thugs were gathered in Boston to combat a pro-free speech rally.

Yes, they were protesting against free speech by using free speech. And they assaulted an elderly woman carrying an American flag in the process.

But Milano, who earlier this week was triggered by Christmas elves, insisted that they were non-violent, as she begged for them to be non-violent.

Typically one does not have to appeal to non-violent people to not engage in violence.

Which probably means that Milano knows all too well that it is Antifa, the alt-left provocateurs, that are the fight starters.

As evidenced by the groups actions on college campuses nationwide.

Or by the fact that one chapter opened a gym to teach members how to attack supporters of President Donald Trump.

Social media was happy to call out the “Who’s The Boss” star on her nonsense.

In her mind? Yes.

They look hardcore.

He must be Paul Bunyon.

Nice attempt at a pep talk Alyssa, but you are no Gipper.

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Carmine Sabia


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