Actor Don Cheadle is triggered by an eagle lapel pin; will they be taking that away next?

Nazis! Nazis everywhere!

Actor Don Cheadle was outraged on Friday when he caught what he, presumably, believed was a Nazi symbol on the lapel of CNN guest Ed Martin.

“Hey, @CNN … Anybody wanna talk about my man’s lovely brooch on his lapel? Anybody minding the store. #WTAF?!?”he wrote on Twitter with a clip of Martin talking on CNN.

His followers quickly took their cue and began calling out the “Nazi” symbol.

Actually no it isn’t.

It’s a pin that represents the Eagle Forum. A conservative group founded by Phyllis Schlafly of which, Martin’s bio says, he was the “hand-picked successor.”

Image: Twitter

Literally minutes of research would have assuaged Cheadle’s fears.

A look at the two Eagles side by side shows that they look nothing alike.

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Image: Google Images

Many people mocked Cheadle and his followers for assuming the pin has Nazi origins.

Yes he does. But he is a liberal so it probably isn’t coming.

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