Watch guy brazenly vandalize statue of former Philly mayor while witnesses are all around

The 10 foot tall bronze statue of former Philadelphia Mayor and Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo was defaced overnight with graffiti that read “Black Power.”

The statue was defaced after some called for its removal following the riots in Charlottesville last week, reported.

But many have wondered why the statue of the former Democrat mayor, who was not a confederate, is in the crossfire.

According to the Washington Post police commissioner Rizzo was “brutal” on black and gay communities, but gave on concrete examples.

Rizzo served as Philadelphia’s police commissioner and mayor in the 1960s and 1970s, during which time he was known for his defense of the white working class and his harsh, often brutal treatment of the city’s black and gay communities. He was like a Joe Arpaio of eastern Pennsylvania — a tough-talking, unapologetic rogue who imposed his version of law and order with fervor.

A growing group of activists, political leaders and others are calling for the statue of Rizzo to be hauled away after white supremacists converged on Charlottesville to demonstrate against the pending removal of a memorial to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.


The vandalism occurred when the statue was temporarily unguarded. It had been guarded since it was egged on Wednesday, according to

But this vandal didn’t seem to be in any rush, and takes his time while plenty of onlookers and traffic pass by.

“You’re not worried about police or anything?” the man who seemingly took the video says.


Charles Barkley has a thing or two to say about all this statue busting – and Antifa is NOT going to like it

“The statue is going to come down one way or another,” Pennsylvania Black Lives Matter Movement member, Asa Khalif, said. “It stands for generational hurt, oppression, injustice, homophobia, anti-blackness.”

The Post said:

Rizzo’s detractors say he terrorized blacks and gays during his tenure. They point to a long list of grievances. He used the n-word and anti-gay slurs casually. He led late-night raids on gay establishments that rarely resulted in charges. He sicced dogs on black student protesters, and in one notorious incident had his officers order Black Panthers to strip naked in the street during a mass arrest.

The son of the former mayor, Frank Rizzo Jr., 74, a former city councilman said his father was someone who stood for all law-abiding citizens of Philadelphia.

“He loved this city,” Rizzo Jr. told

He told a story of a black woman he said he witnessed paying her respect to the statue of his dad.

She told him when her son’s life was in trouble and he needed help, Mayor Rizzo invited her to his office and he got her son a job.

“She said, ‘He helped me out, and saved my son’s life.'” Rizzo told

Many were angered by the vandalism of the statue on social media.

Some accused a white supremacist of painting the words to incite a fight. But Fox reporter Dave Kinchenus ended that debate.

Regardless, some cheered the vandalism.

And a Democrat. Why do people keep forgetting to say Democrat?

Yes. And he was a Democrat. You would think someone would remember.

The suspect in the case is a 40-year-old man who is expected to be charged with possession of an instrument of crime, criminal mischief and institutional vandalism, according to

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