‘Film the Klan, don’t film us’: Antifa thugs attack reporter, next thing you know he’s in the hospital getting stitches

As the left in America attempts to have the citizens believe that violent protests are a tool of only the right-wing, yet another vicious attack by their constituency was caught on video.

On Sunday a large group of gay Antifa protesters marched in Richmond, Virginia to denounce the white supremacists who gathered in Charlottesville the day before and, as is customary for them, to protest President Donald Trump.

The protesters were shouting “take down the monuments” as they marched to, surrounded, and planted a flag in the statue of J.E.B. Stuart, a Confederate general, CBS 6 reported.

“No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA,” they continued to chant as they headed toward the statue of another Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

And they were none too happy with the media attention they were getting, despite their efforts to make a spectacle of themselves.

“Film the Klan, don’t film us,” they yelled.

And things quickly escalated, with a CBS 6 reporter being brutally attacked for doing his job.

“Stop filming bro,” one of the “peaceful” protesters yelled at the reporter.

“I can film whatever I want,” the reporter replied. “Get out of my face.”

And that’s when things got ugly.

The reporter had his phone knocked out of his hand and was hit in the head with, what he said was, a big stick.

“This is not a peaceful protest,” the reporter wrote.

He was taken to the hospital where he received four staples in his head, CBS 6 reported.

Will Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe run to a microphone and tell these protesters to “go home” and that they aren’t welcome as he, rightfully, told the Nazis and white supremacists?

Will CNN anchors be screeching for elected Democrat officials to denounce and disavow support from these violent Antifa protesters as they did to nearly every elected Republican following Saturday’s assaults in Charlottesville?

Can we stop pretending that the violence is exclusive to fringe groups on one side of these arguments?

It all remains to be seen, but so far there hasn’t been a peep from any of them.

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Carmine Sabia


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