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Real life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ lawsuit says NJ office was den of sex and debauchery

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This is way beyond casual Friday.

A New Jersey debt relief company made its office into a frat house type environment that would make nearly anyone blush.

The management and owners of American Funding Group, Corporate Bailout and other companies related to debt relief created an office atmosphere that was akin to “The Wolf Of Wall Street” meets “Animal House,” a lawsuit filed on Thursday claims, the New York Post reported.

According to the lawsuit, the office was “so sexually aggressive, morally repulsive, and unlawfully hostile that it was rivaled only by the businesses portrayed in the films ‘Boiler Room’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’”

In one particularly egregious example, the lawsuit claims that one of the owners, Mark Mancino and manager Michael Hamill, routinely called for one of the female sales representatives by shouting “Wendy — get your t-ts in here.”

And after she was in the office the men could be overheard performing a sexual act on her, the Post reported.

The lawsuit states that the men would frequently comment on the woman’s appearance with statements like “Wendy, bring your t-ts back over here” and “Who hasn’t seen Wendy’s t-ts?”

Those who played along were rewarded, and those who complained were “ostracized or terminated,” according to the lawsuit filed by a former human resources manager and two customer service reps.

The suit also claims that Mancino hired a 22-year-old at $60,000 a year, and gave “unlimited access” to the company credit card, a car and $4,000 Gucci purse in exchange for wearing provocative outfits in the office. Oh, and during meetings, intentionally bent over so Defendant Mancino could gawk at her body and “rub her inner thigh.”

Strippers were also brought in to the office for “special occasions.”

“Defendants intentionally hire young ‘attractive’ female employees for the specific purpose of having quid pro quo sexual relationships,” according to the lawsuit. “Older male managers obsessively pursue and engage in sexual relationships with younger female employees, and they use their money and power to coerce female employees into … sexually promiscuous conduct in the workplace.”

Mancino asked employees to keep his affairs from his wife, but she found out, according to the Post, and has filed for divorce.


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