Chelsea Handler embarrasses herself with anti-Trump t-shirt, social media fixes it for her

It’s been nine months since President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election and Chelsea Handler still can’t get over it.

On Monday the so-called comedian shared a selfie on Twitter with the caption, “The shirt I wear for travel.”

The shirt read “Sorry about our president” in several languages.

Handler had vowed to go on a permanent vacation months ago, when she insisted she would leave America if President Trump won the election.

After Hillary was trounced she unsurprisingly back tracked and assured the American citizens that she was going to stay, but only for their benefit.

Since then, Handler has been on a tirade.

Take for instance the time the “tolerance” preacher mocked first lady Melania Trump’s grasp of the English language.  Or, when she called for the death of Kellyanne Conway, and as recently as this week, rallied against the First Amendment and called for laws to punish people who find ‘racist’ quips amusing.

Handler has simultaneously become a hero for the radical left and a veritable punching bag on social media because of her outlandish comments.

And so it was with her ridiculous t-shirt:

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We have seen her topless photo. It isn’t that interesting.

That’s better, but not as good as this.

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Carmine Sabia


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