Liberals get duped by fake campaign offering free Starbucks coffee to illegals on fake ‘Dreamer Day’

Politics is war without bloodshed. MAO

A group of creative Internet pranksters gave Starbucks a chance to put its liberal money where its mouth is, but the coffee giant balked at the idea.

Jokers on the infamous 4Chan message boards decided to create “Dreamer Day” at Starbucks as a way to rib the company over its leftist policies, like its pledge to hire 10,000 refugees in response to President Donald Trump’s ban on travel from several majority Muslim nations.

The picked the date of Aug. 11 because the number looked like II, the initials for illegal immigrant, and spread faux promotional material declaring that undocumented immigrants would get 40 percent off purchases, and other goodies.

“How about we meme “Undocumented Immigrant Day” at Starbucks into existence? Announce free coffee for all illegals on a certain date. August 11? 11 looks like II (for Illegal Immigrant). I’m open to suggestions there. Name a liberal place for all illegals to go at once and demand free stuff.,” a user wrote on Wednesday.

“And then call ICE?” another responded. “I like it. Could cripple their business a bit.”

“My idea is to make the liberal hangout places hell holes like they create for everyone else. Trying to trick them into snowballing it themselves,” another said.

The idea worked as the fake event picked up steam on social media.

Starbucks subsequently took to its Twitter to tell people that the event was a scam.

The fake campaign was proof to some that all white people are horrid.

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Carmine Sabia


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