Video shows the moment a driver pulls out a gun, shoots 2 cops before getting a return bullet to his head

Image: Las Vegas Police Department

Frightening body cam video caught a shootout between Las Vegas police officers and a man they pulled over, that left the suspect dead.

Officer Richard Nelson, 33, and an unnamed officer, confronted Miguel Salas, 25, on Friday after they were called about a suspicious vehicle connected to the theft of a cellphone.

They asked him to step out of his vehicle, but Salas argued that he had done nothing and would not comply.

“Why do you need me to step out of my car?” he argued. “I’m not doing nothing!”

“Yes, you are. You’re not listening to our command. Do you want to get tased?” the officer replied.

Officers held Salas’ left arm, but he used his right hand to reach for his gun and began shooting at the police.

“Shots fired! I’ve been hit! Shots fired, I’ve been hit!” Nelson yelled into his radio as he headed for cover.

Image: Screenshot

Both officers were hit and suffered non-life threatening injuries, Fox 5 Vegas reported.

Nelson, who is a father of four, was wearing a bulletproof vest, according to Fox 5 Vegas.

Image: Screenshot

Salas was hit in the head and died at the scene.

Police recovered two firearms, a fully loaded .25 caliber and the .40 caliber that was used to shoot at police.

Image: Las Vegas Police Department

Officer Nelson is on paid leave the department investigates the shooting.

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