Millionaire soccer boss sacks flirty cheerleading troupe; too hot for ‘distracted’ players to handle

A millionaire soccer team owner fired his team’s entire cheerleading squad because he deemed them a distraction for his players.

English Billericay Town Football club owner Glenn Tamplin, took a tip from U.S. President Trump and tweeted the firing.

“We have had to let the cheerleaders go as the lads were becoming unfocused and some of the girls (not all) sending their numbers to them,” he said.

Tamplin is concerned that the distraction might lead to his players not focusing on their games and prevent them from going from semi-pro to pro, the Sun reported.

The owner, who is also the team manager, took his players to see the girls perform their routines, but one of the players and one of the cheerleaders connected via social media. And that’s where the issues began.

“We held auditions on the Monday night and then one of the players contacted one of the girls because one of them put the cheerleading outfit on and tweeted about it,” a source told the Sun.

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“He contacted her and unfortunately I think she gave her phone number to him and I think the footballer actually went and told Glenn.

“Glenn made it clear there should be no interaction between the cheerleaders and players — even though he brought the squad over to watch them.

“He changed his mind and said there wasn’t going to have them and that’s it,” the source said.’

Team leader Bekka Batchelor said she was “disappointed” with the decision.

“Obviously we’re disappointed the cheerleading isn’t going ahead but we’re still great friends with Billericay Town — there’s no bad feeling at all.

“It’s just a shame because we’ve got a fantastic team already to go, but with no-one to cheer for,” she told the Sun.

Glenn is a devout Christian who had been having second thoughts about the sexy cheereladers, a group that includes Melissa Mcallister, Molly Simmonds, Jodie Hall and Leah Torrington.

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“Glenn had been having second thoughts about the cheerleaders as it didn’t fit with his family club image,” the source told the Sun.

“He was also wary that he runs girls and women’s football teams and wanted to project the right image.

“When he found out about the number exchange he was worried it was the shape of things to come.

“He doesn’t want anything distracting his players — he is so determined to make his dream of promotion come true,” the source said.

Judging by the photos of some of the Ricays it is easy to understand how they might be a distraction.

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