Chuck Woolery: Americans are sympathetic to President Trump, he has become a victim

President Donald Trump is a “victim of the system.”

That is according to former game show host Chuck Woolery, a rare Hollywood conservative who now hosts the “Blunt Force Truth” podcast.

“Trump is kind of an easy target for everyone because no one is on his side except the American people who voted for him,” the former “Love Connection” host told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday.

He said that the attacks of late night comedians on the president are “vicious attack(s). It’s not funny, it becomes vicious and people are sympathetic to that.”

Woolery said that America has “always been broken into thirds,” and cited the Revolutionary War as an example.

“There was a third that was for the British, there was a third that didn’t give a damn and there was a third that said ‘well fight,'” he said.

“It’s never changed,” he said. “It’s still that way today, so comedians have a very difficult time figuring out what third they’re talking to.”

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