GQ uses super shady source for hit piece on Sean Hannity – and he’s not about to take it lying down

Sean Hannity is fighting back after a reporter for GQ Magazine accused him of spending tens of thousands of dollars in a single weekend at D.C.’s Trump Hotel.

Reporter Irina Aleksander based the wild accusation on the word of a single anonymous waiter, according to the GQ story.

According to the report, Hannity spent around $42,000 on the weekend of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, “which included the cost of flying in an eight-pound 70-year-old lobster from Maine.”

The accusation angered the Fox News host so much that he took to social media to called it out as “ridiculous fake news” and demanded an apology.

The report acknowledged that Fox News denied the story and it offered no real proof that this occurred.

Could the waiter not produce receipts from the Fox News host? If so, why not?

More importantly, Sean Hannity works for his income. If he wants to spend a million dollars in a day playing miniature golf on the moon why is that anyone’s business but his and his family’s?

Then again, this coming from a rag that provides a platform for whack job Keith Olbermann, whose unhinged attacks against President Donald Trump have been so off the charts people have suggested contacting the Secret Service.

And they should have expected Hannity to fight back.

This is a man who has taken the gloves off against MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts, who went after his own network’s “Never Trumper” Shepard Smith and who crushed a liberal effort to get advertisers to boycott his show.

Picking a fight with him is not the smartest move.

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Carmine Sabia


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