Not speaking for NRA, Dana Loesch expresses real concern over Scaramucci’s past on gun control

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch has some reservations about new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci and his past position on gun control.

“How does Anthony Scaramucci as spox handle national reciprocity when it becomes an issue? #2A,” she asked in a tweet which she later deleted.

National reciprocity is the position that concealed carry permits be accepted across state lines in every state.

She followed her original tweet with more, asking Scaramucci if he has changed his mind on his previous positions he tweeted in the past.

Her tweets came in response to tweets that Scaramucci deleted as part of his effort to delete old tweets that criticized President Donald Trump or contradicted basic conservative positions.

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In a statement, the National Rifle Association said that Loesch is speaking for herself and not the organization.

“Dana Loesch was not speaking on behalf of the National Rifle Association when she commented on recent White House personnel decisions,” NRA Director of Public Affairs, Jennifer Baker, told The Hill.

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