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Michael Phelps’ son Boomer steals show in Huggies ad, but dad’s shark race is called ‘biggest scam of 2017’

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Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps son stole the show in a rather disappointing night on Discovery Channel’s start to “Shark Week” on Sunday.

The 14-month-old starred in a Huggies commercial for swimming diapers ahead of his dad’s much hyped race with a great white shark.

In it, the younger Phelps, whose name is Boomer, wore a shirt that read “Training for 2032” as he played in a pool with his parents.

He even faced off against an inflatable shark of his own.

And, much to the dismay of viewers who tuned in to watch the older Phelps square off against a great white, his shark was as real as his dad’s.

After months of build to the Phelps VS shark showdown the much ballyhooed face off was a big disappointment.

Rather than Phelps racing an actual shark, as was implied in the advertising of the event, the Olympic swimmer took on a computer generated simulation of a great white shark.

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And he was defeated.

He swam simulated races against other sharks, such as hammerheads and reef sharks using data scientists gathered to simulate how those sharks swim.

Image: Screenshot

And then he took on the simulated great white.

The suit Phelps was given was made with fabric to simulate the skin of a great white and fitted with a fin

The Olympian finished in 38.1 seconds while the simulated shark finished in 36.1 seconds.

“They swim so fast, it’s almost like a bullet,” he said.

“I don’t like taking silver medals but I’ll take one against a Great White.”

But social media was outraged by the bait and switch.

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