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‘The View’ hosts try like heck to turn Caitlyn Jenner against President Trump — and fail miserably

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The world’s most famous transgender person supports President Donald Trump, and it isn’t making the ladies of “The View” happy.

Caitlyn Jenner appeared on the ABC show, that bashes the president daily, and was battered from all sides with leading questions about her thoughts on President Trump and Russia.

“Politics is a dirty business, let’s be honest,” Jenner said.

“I don’t want to get into all of this,”she said. “But, as far as connections, as far as uranium one, selling uranium, giving 20 percent of uranium one to the Soviets under Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton with the reset button — everybody is talking to everybody.”

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The audience wanted to clap but stopped themselves until they were told by host Sunny Hostin that it was OK. That’s how shell-shocked the audience is to approve of anything pro-Trump.

The grilling by the hosts continued but in the end, it didn’t do a darn bit of good to sway Jenner.

“We have to get someone in there who can straighten things out,” Jenner said. “He’s shaking a lot of things up since he’s been in there, and I think from that standpoint that’s good. Let’s give the guy some time. What’s it been — six months?”

“Let’s give the guy some time,” Jenner added. “You know, in three-and-a-half years from now we get to decide again. And if it didn’t work out, let’s get him out and get someone else in. If not, if by that time he’s lowered taxes, helped the economy, he’s created jobs, he’s done all these things that are good for the country, then you can re-elect him.”

Jenner confirmed that she has spoken directly with the people in the administration but that she “can’t talk about it.”

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