From ‘everyone does it’ to ‘this is treason,’ fight rages over Trump Jr. meeting with Russian attorney

The New York Times published, what was seen by many as a “bombshell” about a clandestine meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a lawyer with connections to the Kremlin.

But not everyone believes it’s such big news.

Trump Jr. explained that he took the meeting, with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, not knowing who the person he was meeting with was.

He said he was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton and took the meeting on that pretense, but added that no provable information was given and he quickly left the meeting.
CNN’s Jeffrey Lord thinks the entire story is much ado about nothing.

“Here we go again,” he said while laughing. “There’s absolutely no proof that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election.”

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But to others, the story is a big deal and, to some, even criminal.

Richard Painter, an ethics attorney who served former President George W. Bush, called it treason in a tweet he sent on Sunday.

Constitutional law professor at Harvard, Laurence Tribe, said the fact that Trump Jr. received no relevant information does not mean a crime was not committed.

NY Post writer Michael Walsh disagreed with that position in a column published on Sunday.

No campaign in its right mind would turn down an offer of information on their opponent. That is what opposition research is all about. You can bet Hillary wouldn’t have hung up on the person who claimed to have dirt on the Donald. After all, the Clinton campaign lobbied the comedian Tom Arnold two days before the election to release potentially embarrassing footage from Trump’s TV show, “The Apprentice.” Arnold declined.

But in the end, the lawyer had nothing, gave nothing, got nothing in return, in a meeting that lasted 20 minutes. This is a scandal?

The fight between the two sides raged on social media.

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