Are you sitting down? The Associated Press just called President Trump ‘the ultimate dealmaker’

The Associated Press thinks that President Donald Trump is “the ultimate dealmaker.”

In a new story published by the AP, former Baghdad bureau chief Vivian Salama, praised the efforts president, who authored the book “The Art of The Deal,” in working to have a face to face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“President Donald Trump is eager to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin with full diplomatic bells and whistles when the two are in Germany for a multinational summit next month,” she wrote.

“A face-to-face meeting can humanize the two sides and often removes some of the intrigue involved in impersonal, telephone communication. Trump — the ultimate dealmaker — has repeatedly suggested that he can replace the Obama-era damage in the U.S.-Russia relationship with a partnership, particularly on issues like the ongoing Syria conflict,” she added.

Some in the administration have advised keeping distance from Russia while the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election continues.

“He can’t be too nice to Putin because it’s going to be interpreted in a way that suggests he has a special relationship with Russia,” Russian affairs professor at the New School, Nina Khrushcheva, said. “He can’t be too mean because Putin has long arms and KGB thinking. So Trump needs to have a good relationship with him but he also needs to fulfill his campaign promises of establishing better relations with Russia.”

She said the president is in an “impossible position.”

Particularly when the media scrutinizes every move the president makes as it pertains to Russia.

Which is what makes the praise from the AP all the more perplexing, but not doubt welcome by the administration.

But it angered the left, who isn’t used to seeing the press not bash the president.


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Carmine Sabia


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