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Neighbors see home intruder, dress him with duct tape for the cops

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A New Mexico burglar got himself into a sticky situation when he attempted his latest robbery.

Mark Thompson broke into a home on Sunday, put on the owner’s jacket, grabbed a beer and started watching TV. But what he didn’t know was he was being watched too, KRON reported.

The homeowner, identified only as Micah, was alerted to the intrusion by his security system and was able to watch the suspect via his phone.

Shandra Vestal. Image: Screenshot

Micah called neighbor Shandra Vestal, who sprang into action.

“I went to my garage, my husband and I,” she said. “We got two pistols. We met him [the homeowner] at the cul-de-sac. He blocked off the entry of the cul-de-sac to make sure if he did have a vehicle, the man entering the home wouldn’t be able to escape,” she said. “As he pulled in, I passed him this 45 and then I got the other Ruger.”

And then they went to work.

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Image: Screenshot

“We got his arms and his feet duct taped. Then we picked him up, carried him out to the front yard and waited for the police to show up,” Vestal told KRON.

When the police got to the scene the prisoner was wrapped and ready.

“The police had told us that the home prior that he had broken into. He was wearing the same clothes he had stolen from that home when he broke into Micah’s house,” Vestal said.

And the excuse Thompson gave them for breaking in was priceless.

Mark Thompson. Image: Screenshot

“He truly said, ‘I’m not trying to steal anything, I just want to be friends,’” she said.

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