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Peggy Noonan drops bombshell of truth on rage-courting media; angry Left responds, proves her right

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Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan often finds herself heralded by liberals for her opinions which are frequently critical of President Donald Trump.

But on Friday she drew the ire of the left after she used her column “Rage is all the rage, and it’s dangerous” to call out the violence that the mainstream media they revere has seemed to embrace.

Noonan wrote that on Tuesday, 20 hours before James Hodgkinson fired dozens of rounds at Republican congressmen, hitting Rep. Steve Scalise who continues to be in serious condition, she spoke to a fellow political journalist who warned “someone is going to get killed” because of all the violent rhetoric in the political realm.

Noonan’s friend mentioned the abhorrent Shakespeare in the Park play in New York City that celebrates the mock assassination of President Trump and  Kathy Griffin’s disgusting stunt as examples.

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Noonan, who worked for President Ronald Reagan, cited those examples and others to show that the mainstream media has played a major role in shaping the violent and vitriolic narrative.

“Too many in the mainstream media—not all, but too many—don’t even bother to fake fairness and lack of bias anymore, which is bad: Even faked balance is better than none,” she wrote.

“We have been seeing a generation of media figures cratering under the historical pressure of Donald Trump. He really is powerful,” she said.  Noonan said the Left is self-destructing under their insatiable hatred for Donald Trump. And she used Kathy Griffin to make the case:

In a tearful news conference she said of the president, “He broke me.”

But she was exactly right. He did break her. He robbed her of her sense of restraint and limits, of her judgment. He broke her, but not in the way she thinks, and he is breaking more than her.


“They’re losing their heads. Now would be a good time to regain them.”

She said the media falsely believes they are being “brave” by standing up to President Trump, but they are far from it.

“Their audiences love it. Their base loves it, their demo loves it, their bosses love it. Their numbers go up. They get a better contract. This isn’t brave,” she said.

But the leftists on social media didn’t love Noonan for calling them out and soon Noonan’s article was trending on Twitter.

It’s tough to when leftists are responsible for so many attacks.

Others on social media set them straight and pointed out that they were acting exactly how Noonan described.

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