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NY City play depicts brutal assassination of President Trump; taxpayers and corporate sponsors react

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Update: Delta and Bank of America have pulled their sponsorship of the play.

A taxpayer-funded “Shakespeare in the Park” production of Julius Caesar has come under fire for its depiction of a mock execution of the Julius Caesar character that looks strikingly like President Donald Trump.

In keeping with the left-wing theme, the character is “assassinated” by a group of minorities and women.

The play does not say the character is President Trump, but he is dressed like the president, with the same hairstyle, color, long tie and a wife with a Slavic accent.

In addition to taxpayer funding, the play is sponsored by some major corporations including the New York Times, American Express, Bank of America and Delta Airlines.

Delta tweeted out its dismay at the production on Sunday.

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“I didn’t like that they made this person who looks like (President) Trump get assassinated,” one woman told “Inside Edition.” “It’s not a good message.”

“I don’t think it’s disrespectful for the president to be murdered on stage,” another woman said. “It’s not really the president, it’s theater.”

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino disagreed when he appeared on “Fox & Friends” Sunday, noting that it can be dangerous to have these types of depictions in the public square.

“I’m really just pleading with the people who do this,” he said on “Fox & Friends” Sunday. “You have no idea the damage this kind of stuff does. It can be very inspirational to people who are teetering on the edge of a serious psychological problem and serve as inspiration.”

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The play comes after comedian Kathy Griffin did a mock beheading of the president.

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