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Comey had a lot to say, but one dirty detail he refused to give leaves everyone asking the same question

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Following James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, one major question remains unanswered.

What was the deal with the mysterious dossier compiled by a former British spy, Christopher Steele, on President Donald Trump?

The dossier, which was collected as opposition research when the president was a candidate, contained salacious allegations that included stories of hookers urinating on a bed once used by former President Obama.

James Comey
James Comey, Image: Screenshot

When asked about the infamous dossier during his testimony, Comey declined to comment on the in a public forum, noting concerns over the sensitivity of some of the information contained in it.

The dossier, which was given to Sen. John McCain, who gave it to the FBI on Dec. 9, was considered important enough by Comey that he insisted that it be included in the final report on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, according to Fox News.

The dossier was also used, in part, as a basis to obtain a FISA warrant to investigate former associate of President Trump, Carter Page.

The FBI was so concerned about it that it allegedly offered $50,000 to have it corroborated, Fox News reported.

British Ambassador Sir Andrew Wood, who gave the dossier to Sen. McCain, has now told Fox News that “Intelligence always needs evaluating of course…It is always foolish to put yourself in a position to pretend to knowledge that you do not have.”

Sir Andrew Wood, Image: Screenshot

Wood told Fox News via email that he “had not read and could not vouch for” it but he believed its contents were “produced by responsible persons.”

“I understood that its general contents were known to others in the United States. The Senator then arranged for the papers to be brought to him,” he told Fox News. “It was up to the Senator to decide what action if any he took throughout the whole process. He is known to me as to many others as a courageous patriot. I have no doubt that he acted as he thought fit in that capacity.”

Wood was named as “an Associate of Orbis (Business Intelligence Ltd.), the company owned by Steele, who collected the information in the dossier. But Wood has denied the charge.

Christopher Steele, Image: Screenshot

“I have had no professional relationship with Orbis,” he told Fox News. “You refer to me as an ‘Associate’ (capital A) and draw some conclusions as to my role, which go beyond what it has been, that of a friend to Christopher Steele and a person among others with whom I have from time to time discussed Russian affairs.”

The dossier has frustrated Sen. Chuck Grassley who, as of Monday, said he “still not received any response” from Comey on it.

Grassley has been critical of the FBI’s refusal to provide the documents that the Senate has requested and he has questions about Steele.

Grassley sent a letter to Fusion GPS, the D.C. based firm that hired Orbis to collect the information, to provide “all responsive documents and information” by June 14, and warned that legal action might be taken if it does not.

It also angered conservative firebrand Ann Coulter who asked what happened to the dossier, that the mainstream media ran wild with and then forgot.

“Whatever happened to that?” she asked Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday. “That was a Russian-produced dossier, used by, first, Never Trumpers, then the Hillary Clinton campaign, then the FBI, and broadcast hysterically by CNN. That was a Russian-produced dossier. That is the only evidence we have of Russia trying to collude.”

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