Weapons, violence and tear gas: Anti-Trump thugs try to shut down pro-Trump demonstrators in Portland

The thugs of Antifa got violent in an attempt to shut down a pro-President Donald Trump demonstration in Portland.

But it was they who found themselves shut down.

Thousands gathered in the “the Rose City” to demonstrate for, and against, the president on Sunday.

Violent anti-Trump protesters threw bricks, gas bottles and balloons with a foul-smelling liquid substance at police before authorities swooped in and made arrests, Fox 12 reported.

The police said they used “less-lethal chemical munitions” like tear gas, flash bangs and impact weapons to disperse the crowd, according to Fox 12.

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Police said on Twitter that those who were arrested would be identified and then released while an investigation continues.

Authorities said they confiscated weapons such as brass knuckles, a knife and a homemade slingshot.

The protests came about a week after the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, tried to have the permits for pro-Trump demonstrations pulled following an attack on a train by a white supremacist.

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The pro-Trump rally was organized by a group known as Patriot Prayer.

Photos and videos of the demonstrations and violence flooded social media.

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Carmine Sabia


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