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Kathy Griffin’s celeb lawyer targets Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter, and the reason is APPALLING

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Rather than slinking off after her much derided attempt at humor with a mock beheading of the president, Kathy Griffin is making herself out to be a victim.

And she, and her attorney Lisa Bloom, are adding more “victims” to the list.

Bloom went after Donald Trump Jr. for daring to call out “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings after he mocked 11-year-old Barron Trump, who was reportedly horrified by the image of his beheaded father, as any child would be.

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But for Bloom, who was largely responsible for Fox News’ firing of Bill O’Reilly and smelled blood in the water when Jesse Watters made an innocuous comment about Ivanka Trump, big brothers can’t stick up for their siblings.


Bloom and her client were blasted for their indecency and more than a few found her tweets appalling:

So much for ‘sorry’! Kathy Griffin lawyers up, says she’ll respond to ‘bullying’ SHE ‘endured’ from Trump family

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