Harlem residents hate trendy new ‘white people’ name; threaten violence to anyone who utters it

Harlem residents have responded with racism and threats of violence to people using the name “SoHa” to describe South Harlem.

The idea was being pushed by real estate developers to make the southern part of Harlem sound trendy and increase investment and interest in the community.

But some Harlem residents and politicians believed the name change was an attempt to “whitewash” the community’s rich African-American history.

“How dare someone try to rob our culture, and try to act as if we were not here, and create a new name, a new reality as if the clock started when other people showed up?” New York Senator-elect Brian Benjamin told a crowd at a press conference on Wednesday, according to the Huffington Post.

Benjamin said that he is working on creating a law that would prevent the renaming of a community by any group receiving government subsidies.

And while the name first appeared in a New York Times story in 1999, it is now being seen as racist.

“We’re not going to let people who just got here change the name of our community for their profit,” Cordell Cleare, a district leader in Harlem, said. “This is about greed and lust.

“No real estate company, no coffee shop, no business should be using the term ‘SoHa’ to refer to Harlem. This is a home, this is a culture, this is a place that people visit,” Danni Tyson, a real estate agent and Community 10 board member, said in a video shared on Instagram.

But people on social media were a lot less diplomatic about their anger.

“Running pockets” is an urban term for robbing a person.

Others resorted to racism.

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Carmine Sabia


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